Early last year, I started trying to think of different ways I could make a living. I had worked in the public service for years but felt that was no longer the path for me, even if it had the benefits of security. But what could I do?

I realised my best bet would be to use my existing work experience and skills i.e. administration. I wondered if there was a market for occasional administrative support. Like we all do now, I turned to Google and started searching on terms like freelancing and secretarial services. That is how I discovered there was a job title for this service: Virtual Assistant.

Since starting on this venture last year, I find when I say “I’m a Virtual Assistant”, the next question is “what is a Virtual Assistant?” or a slightly blank look. The easy explainer is to say “freelance administration officer” and that is a good starting point.

But there is more to it than that. Firstly, my services are mostly provided remotely and online (although phone calls are welcome and face-to-face meeting to discuss projects are very helpful). Secondly, I’m a sole-trader and independent service provider – rather than an employee – so I can be engaged on an as-needs basis: for that few hours of regular correspondence or web or social media updates each week; maybe there‚Äôs a one-off presentation or report you need help with; or your admin staff needs an extra pair of hands for a mail out.

Another benefit of engaging a Virtual Assistant is it is a cost-effective option as you pay only for the hours worked (1 hour minimum, then 15 minute increments). I work from my home office. Outsourcing this work gives you back valuable time to focus on your core business which can boost productivity (or maybe you can just get some extra sleep!).

Other benefits? Well, there are administration tasks that seem easy enough and maybe you could muddle through yourself. But administration isn’t always straightforward. You can save yourself many headaches by engaging me and benefit from the skills, knowledge and expertise I’ve gained over almost 30 years of working in administration. My skills include proficiency in many systems (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Mail Chimp, Canva, Wix, WordPress etc) as well.

So a Virtual Assistant can provide that professional touch to getting your admin done.

If this is a service you could use, or you have any questions about this service, please get in touch via my contact page.