Privacy and Confidentiality

Administration work often means I have access to all sorts of information. For example, I have been entrusted to monitor and manage emails for executives or process credit card payments for clients. Both involve handling information which must be treated confidentially and handled carefully, in accordance with any guidelines, codes or legislative requirements in place at that organisation. 

If work you give to me means entrusting sensitive or highly confidential information, you can be assured that the information will be safe and secure. While the Privacy Act 1988 applies only to businesses with a turnover of over $3 million, its principles provide a framework which can be applied by a business of any size to ensure your information is safe. I will: 

  • Advise you for what purpose the information will be used;
  • Use personal information only for its intended purpose;
  • Keep it protected and safe while in my possession and will not share to other parties*;
  • Respond to questions about what personal information I have and how I handle it;
  • Be up-to-date with legal obligations regarding compliance with privacy guidelines.

Rest assured that if you do provide any personal or identifying information to me, it will only be used for the purpose for which it was intended and be kept securely.

If you require specific measures regarding the safe-keeping of information (eg. password protecting documents or shredding information once it is used), I am willing and able to accommodate such requests. 

Your privacy will always be respected and your information will be protected.


* unless instructed by you, the client, to provide information with a third party.  If information does need to be shared with a third party, permission will be sought.